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Current Manuals - downloads

Most of the downloads on this site are in Adobe Acrobat Format. Please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

INKdraw manual
(2 MB PDF)
INKdraw manual, for CB OBJINKdraw software.
TCU Print Controller Manual
(1.7 MB PDF)

TCU manual

TCU Print Controller Quickstart Manual
(224 kb PDF)
TCU quickstart manual instructs in 4 easy pages how to create the first TCU picture - from INKdraw to loadable file. Intented for the users that have already set up the TCU and want to create layouts.
TCU Print Controller setup guide
(80 kb PDF)
Intented for the end user. Learn in 4 easy pages how to set up the TCU and print a test message
CU Print Controller manual
(1.1 MB PDF)
CU manual is a complete guide to the CU unit.
CB Print Controller manual
(836 kb PDF)
Instructions in installation and setup of CB boards.
PCIPCB manual
(444 kb PDF)
Instructions in installation and setup of PCIPCB boards.
ANSI/IS Layman's guide
(608 kb PDF)
The Layman's guide to ANSI, CEN, and ISO Bar Code Print Quality Documents
CB upgrade process
( 80 kb PDF)
Describes the upgrade process for CB boards. Use this if you use XJ128, XJ500 or HP on a CB board, and wish to upgrade CB INKdraw.
Adjustments for High Speed Printing
(28 kb Word doc)
This document explains how to make adjustments for High Speed printing. Requires Double Speed print heads.
Converter for converting font size from ISA to PCI.zip
(48 kb ZIP file)
Instructions for use of converter for converting InkDraw files from "OBJ InkDraw 2.0.3" or earlier (ISA InkDraw) to "CB InkDraw 1.6.1" (PCI InkDraw) or later.