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HSA Jet Xaar XJ500 Industrial inkjet coder - Nonstop, High-Volume Printing

The Xaar XJ500 Industrial inkjet coder keeps your production line moving with a permanent print head that never stops printing, even during ink refills. You can crank out scannable barcodes up to 182 dpi resolution and legible text and graphics 24/7.

Perfect for high-volume printing, the Xaar XJ500 Industrial inkjet coder requires little maintenance. Just lightly purge and wipe the print head, and it's back in action. It also offers:

IT Integration
•  Easy-to-use Windows-based software
•  Integration with your IT infrastructure
•  USB connectivity

•  Unlimited number of printed lines
•  Lot codes, data codes, text, counters, graphics and logos
•  Your choice of font and size

Cost Savings
•  Low hardware costs
•  Low consumable costs
•  No clean up needed for the production environment

With our complete inventory of case coding systems, Superior Case Coding beats the competition in response times. We'll address your needs within 24 hours, not 24 days. Call 1-800-996-7188 to order.

Image Maker Printing System
Industrial High Resolution Inkjet Printer


• Chassis:  Stainless Steel
• Filtered Air Inlet
• 256 MB Ram
• 40 GB hard drive
• Pentium Processor
• Windows 2000
• 4 USB ports
• 10/100 Ethernet standard
• RS232 input
• Voltage: 120 VAC
• Floppy disc: Optional
• One Encoder and Photocell port
• Controls from 1 to 4 print heads


• 111 fpm, 34m/min

Resolution and Character Size

• 180 dpi vertical, 360 dpi horizontal
• Max character size from one print head is 2.8”
• 500 independently addressable jets

Basic System

• Controller with 15” monitor
• One HSAJet-XJ500 Print head with automatic ink delivery system
• Print head stand
• Print head protection bracket
• Product detector & encoder
• Keyboard with integral trackball

Inks and Ink System

• Automatic Ink Delivery System
• 500 ml liter bottle
• Variety of colors, C, M, Y, K
• Solvent, Oil and UV cured inks
• Low level ink detection


• Alarm Light for low ink
• Up to 100cm Umbilical for printing down and remote print head mount
• Environmental enclosure
• Scan-n-print

Software Features of OBJInkDraw

• Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP
• Simple touch screen user interface
• Fully object oriented.  WYSIWG display
• User Interfaces:
     1. Terminal box with graphical display and full keyboard
     2. Monitor, keyboard, mouse
     3. RS232 or Ethernet
• Time: Multiple formats
• Calendar: Multiple formats including Julian date and automatic scheduler
• Counters: Multiple fully programmable
• Roll over hour/minute/second
• Multiple Postdates or expire dates
• Barcodes: Code 39, 12of15, UPC-A, EAN I3, Code I28, SCC14, US Postal, Data matrix, and many more.  Any variable data function can be embedded in barcodes.
• Fonts: All windows based fonts
• Message length 4000 mm (13 ft)
• Graphics:  Multiple Windows Bmp files
• Ink Usage: Automatically calculated for each message
• Security: Full featured, password protection.  Three levels
• User Prompts:  Unlimited programmable prompts for user input at time of startup
• Reverse, invert, inverse, mirror, rotate, bolderize,  multiple drops, repeat print, ink reduction


• Operating temperature 40°F - 104°F (5°C - 40°C)
• Maximum humidity 90% non condensing

Xaar Inkjet Print Sample
Print Sample


HSAJET-XJ500 Print Head
Engine of Xaar XJ500 Industrial Inkjet Printer
HSAJET-XJ500 print head
Xaar XJ500 Engine
Industrial Inkjet Printer - Box Marking and Coding
Print sample

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