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Controller Board (CB)

Advanced Printing Solution With Multiple Printing Possibilities

The HSAjet CB is a PCI-based controller board to be mounted in a standard PC or in an Superior Case Coding Industrial Print Controller (CT or TIPC). The HSAjet CB is an advanced and high-resolution printing solution with multiple printing possibilities. The HSAjet CB makes full color printing with a print width of 72mm possible as well as monochrome printing (print width 288 mm with one CB and 576 mm with two CBs) possible.

The HSAjet CB is extremely fast and shows new possibilities, example: additional time zones (when using two boards). Furthermore, the HSAjet CB can be operated via networks and in connection with databases and makes form and page printing possible.

Print Whatever You Like

The HSAjet CB is capable of satisfying multiple printing needs. You can print text with unlimited numbers of text fields, logos, counters, unlimited numbers of barcodes, dates, and 2D barcodes, and printing both horizontally and vertically is possible. Furthermore, the HSAjet CB enables form printing and printing from databases, e.g. addresses. With the HSAjet CB you can create an unlimited amount of messages and you can create the messages from templates. The maximum length for each message is 4500 mm.

As your HSAjet CB interface you can either use a PC monitor, a terminal, a user-defined touch screen interface, or serial communication.

Advanced Technology

The HSAjet CB controls printheads using the Xaar printing technologies based on the piezo inkjet technology, as well as HP print heads based on the thermal inkjet technology. These inkjet print heads are capable of handling a wide variety of ink types, including oil-based, solvent, and UV inks. In addition, it can be used to print onto almost any surface such as porous and non-porous material, and the print resolution is extremely high when using these printing technologies. In fact, the resolution is up to 600 dpi.