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TCU Industrial inkjet coder Controller

The HSAjet TCU (Tiny Controller Unit) is a very cost-effective HP based printing solution designed for limited printing jobs still requiring a high-resolution and high quality print.

It is the ideal solution for e.g. stamping of checks, paper documentation, pre-coding, internal logistics, data documentation e.g. integrated in letter openers, or in the pharmaceutical industry.

The HSAjet TCU prints with up to two HP printheads.

Ideal Solution
The HSAjet TCU is the ideal printing solution for small messages, i.e. text printing, barcode printing, counter printing, time and date printing, expiry data printing and logo printing.

It is a very compact solution and calls for a minimum amount of maintenance. Consequently, no special training is required to operate and maintain the HSAjet TCU, and the cartridges are clean and easy to install. In addition, the HSAjet TCU has a design of stainless steel and can easily be implemented in production areas.

Advanced Technology
The HSAjet TCU is based on a standard HP cartridge and makes use of the thermal inkjet technology. Thermal inkjet technology places small ink drops extremely accurately and gives a very high image and text quality.

The ink is available either black or colored, which enhances possible printing applications. The HSAjet TCU also enables printing on almost any surface such as cardboard, paper, wood, and plastic.

Download HSAjet TCU Brochure


Selector Switch
Input Terminal
Compact Flash
TCU with Integrated Keyboard


Features HP
text printing unlimited fixed text Windows true type fonts
max. number of text-fields Unlimited multiple fonts and fields
text length (characters) Limited to 400 mm
logo printing Message = logo
counter printing 2 per message (fixed height 0.5” or 0.25” one font)
barcode printing BMP only
max. number of barcodes Unlimited fixed barcodes (BMP only)
time & date printing 2-Time, 4-Date (fixed height 0.5” or 0.25” one font)
multiple fonts yes
message creation from template (prompt) 10 per message (limited to 16 characters each)
max. number of messages 1 standard, 10 with selector switch, 16 with Integrated or remote keyboard display
max. message length (mm) 600 dpi 180 mm, 300 dpi 360 mm, 150 dpi 720 mm
max. print height (mm) 25.4
print speed (m/min) 38 m/min at 600 x 600 dpi, 150 m/min a 300 x 300 dpi, 76 m/min at 300 x 300 dpi single nozzle row, 300 m/min 300 x 150 dpi
drop size (pL) 40
max. resolution (dpi) 600
memory capacity Compact Flash (16 messages per card)
ink firing frequency (kHz) 12.50
max. controllable print heads 2 x HP
Operator interface language English standard (editable)
thermal x
Printing Orientation
side-to-side (yes)
from-up-to-down yes
distance to print surface, max. 3 mm
distance to print surface, min. 0.5 mm
Screen Interface
Integrated keyboard display Yes (optional)
RS232 yes
RS485 optional
Download from PC yes
Product sensor / encoder (5V and 24V) yes
Selector switch, integrated keyboard, RS232 optional
Mechanical Dimensions
L x W x H - controller (mm) 120 x 50 x 110
mechanical support / brackets yes
Power Supply
external / internal internal
voltage (V) 110 or 230 (specify)
frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Environmental Conditions
operating temperature range (°C) 10 - 40
humidity (%) 10 - 90 non-condensing
IP approval (rating) 54
CE compliant yes
equipment 1 year
service (minimum) 5 years