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Barcode Scanner Controller

The Bar Code Scanner Controller controls up to two bar code scanners/verifiers.

Provides key-switch “teach” functionality, pushbutton reset, indication lights, buzzer and external device plug-in connector, so wiring is not necessary. Provides 100% inspection of Barcodes. With the SV-100 Scanner Verifier you can analyze linear barcodes and reject based on barcode quality. Set it for “C” grade or better. Will reject if barcode does not meet ANSI standards.

  • Scan or verify inkjet barcodes
  • Improve Quality
  • Increase Productivity
  • Avoid Unnecessary Costs (Detect the bad barcodes before your customer does)
  • Verify barcodes on any surface and media

Download Brochure on the HSAJet-BSC Barcode Scanner Controller


  1. Alarm Light output
  2. Operator Interface
  3. Teach/On/Off keyed switch
  4. Audible buzzer
  5. Main Power Switch has EMI/RFI filtering and replaceable fuses
  6. Connection for Scanner/Verifier #1
  7. Serial connection
  8. Trigger signal
  9. Connection for Scanner/Verifier #2
  10. Auxiliary output connections used when either a “Mismatch” or a “No-Read” condition occurs. Set scanner/readers to alarm with any number of consecutive bad reads
  11. Reset to clear faults

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